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Are you looking for a talented, multifaceted, very creative as well as analytic... 

2D & 3D Creature Designer / Artist
Concept Artist
Digital Painter
Traditional Painter

Take a look at Studio Sandier's portfolio and shoot me an email!

Kapitein Momo en Draak stripboek

I am also the creator of Dragon and Momo, an online comic for children ánd adults!



A collection of the concept creatures I designed. These beautiful fantasy beasts and animals range from cute to interesting to creepy. Most of them are done with lineart, some of them are more painterly. All of the art is made with love in Maastricht.


The design and artwork is mostly digital and done with Clip Studio Paint. 

3D Sculpts

3D Sculpts

Who wants FLAT ART if you can have ART with DEPTH?
Jokes aside, I love 3D sculpting and modelling. My models range somewhere between realistic and fantasy 3D objects.

If you are looking for a highly detailed custom model for your game, movie or other project, consider hiring Studio Sandier.

The sculpts are made in ZBrush, Polypainted in ZBrush and useable in Unreal Engine 5 with Vector Shading.

Traditional Art

Traditional Art

While I work digital most of the time, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. Traditional oil painting has something you can't recreate digitally. The scratch of pencil on paper is irreplaceable and the lack of an undo-function makes it so real.

I use pencil, markers and ink for the drawings and oil paint for the paintings.


I make these paintings in a shared atelier in Limburg.

About & Contact

About | Contact
Sander Oude Veldhuis Studio Sandier

Hi! Nice of you to drop by on my website!

My name is Sander, and I love drawing, 3D modelling and painting. If you haven't already, take a look at my creations, you might like what you see!

I have been drawing for a long time, using my creativity to come up with crazy monsters and characters. Sketch 'em, paint 'em and them convert to 3D. It has been a lifelong passion of mine to think up weird stories based on awesome stuff I see in life. 

I have worked in the Dutch Serious Game Industry for the last 8 years, building up a lot of experience with game materials. 

So, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask! 

Studio Sandier is a 2D and 3D Creature and Concept Artist from Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands 

Studio Sandier also provides digital and traditional painting.



Pricing of art is usually very unclear. Understandably, because each project is different, and there is always a hit or miss chance.

That is why I am giving example prices below. These prices include one feedback-round. More feedback makes a project pricier :).


4-5 Creature Sketches

varied sketches based on a creature description


Giant Bullywug - Studio Sandier.jpg

Simple 3D model

a low-detail 3D model - unpainted / no texture


Oil Painting

a small (+- 20x30cm) hand-made painting, based on a description. Materials and sketch included


1 Painted Creature

1 beautifully rendered piece

sketch not included


20210214 Reaper - threequart.jpg

Complex 3D model

Highly detailed 3D model and painted


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